Monster Cable Banana Plug – Check Reviews of Monster Cable Quick Lock

Monster Cable Banana Plug

Setting up a Home Theater System is a fun job to do. You have to connect more than one component, such as Blu-Ray players and AV receivers, at the same time to get the best display and sound experience. Usually, the distance between sources and switching devices is short. You can connect any standard cable to fix the system sources, but it’s different when it comes to speakers.

It is not always preferable or convenient to put the speakers near the display system. So, sometimes, the distances may vary from time to time, and pre-terminated cables may not reach there. In such cases, using un-terminated cables is the best way to ensure that wires have enough length and will connect the system to the speakers. For the best connection, the bare wire needs to be terminated.

What Is a Banana Plug?

A banana plug, which is commonly known as a banana connector, is a single electrical plug that helps in joining wires to equipment. Some banana connectors join 4 mm parts, and some are for 2 mm. Thus, there are various types of banana plug contacts that exist. Theoretically, banana plugs are based on a concept where one male plug applies the outward force and gets fixed into the socket or unsprung cylindrical banana jack. This way, such connections will produce a snug fit with good electrical conductivity.

Monster Cable Banana Plug

Monster Banana Connectors give the right termination for all your speaker connections. Each termination produced by the company as QuickLock MKII Gold Banana Connectors is gold plated for long-lasting corrosion protection and better performance.-banana-plug

In this small article, you will get a quick yet detailed review of one of the best connectors named Monster QuickLock MKII Gold Banana Connectors. This product will help you to achieve the fastest and easiest installation of your speaker cable. It is a reliable connector from which you can expect the maximum performance. Let’s find out its features and specifications.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The box includes four heavy-duty, gold-plated banana connectors for secure self-crimping terminations. You will get two insulators with a red band, and the other two comes with the blue band.
  • The connectors are durable and reliable because of their two-piece screw-on design, which works best for smooth and tool-free speaker cable termination.
  • Monster Cable QuickLock is also proud of the fact that its product offers 24k gold-plated leaf spring contacts for maximum signal transfer.
  • These plugs are super-easy to plugin and are corrosion resistant. You only need a receiver or speakers that are compatible with the banana plugs.
  • Because of the special teeth and ring-lock, the plugs can provide you a reliable, dependable contact and a firm grip. Their broad base minimizes the risk of shorting.

Warning: It is risky to use bare speaker wire without connectors. Generally, speaker cable is made from copper wire that can corrode quickly and reduces the quality of the performance. It may also have adverse effects on the overall sound of your audio system. 

So, it is necessary to terminate your speaker wire with some quality connectors to avoid such situations. Monster Banana Plugs are all that you need! I hope this article has provided all the necessary information. Now, you can give a treat to your eyes and ears with outstanding products.

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