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How to Connect Speakers to TV With a Speaker Wire? – Hook Up Your Speaker

How to Connect Speakers to TV With a Speaker Wire ?

Some television’s built-in speakers are too small. They are unable to provide enough sound. We can hear the audio, but it can’t fill the whole room with satisfactory sound. It works like that because of the television’s compact size and its thinness. Fortunately, each TV company, nowadays, offers many slots for various purposes. In such slots, we can connect our external speakers or stereo systems. These items can deliver high-quality audio sound from your television. Here, I have explained how you can connect speaker wire to TV. 

How to Connect Speakers to TV With a Speaker Wire ?

Connecting speakers to a television is no rocket science. But before starting the process, you will need a four to six feet long analog audio cable. Always buy such cables with stereo RCA or mini-plug jacks for your convenience. If your TV and stereo system support HDMI connections, then you can also buy HDMI cables.

Step 1: Cleaning

Clean the empty space around the television and sockets. Make sure that the place where you want to place the speakers is not dusty. Find enough room for the external speakers along with all the other connecting wires.

Step 2: Safety First!

Turn off all equipment. Take care of your safety before starting this process. Also, always wear rubber slippers to avoid electric shocks. Keep your hands dry and make sure that all switches are off.

Step 3: Placing the Speakers

Placing the SpeakersPut the stereo receiver or amplifier near the TV. Don’t leave much space between them. A 4-6 feet gap is more than enough.. Anything beyond this will require a longer wire. Also, don’t forget to save room for your set-top boxes or DVD players.

Step 4: Finding Analog

Look for the analog or digital audio jack output on the television. Some TV brands locate such jacks on the backside of the screen. If you are not sure about the location, try to find the label named ‘Audio Out.’ You can also find two RCA jacks or a 3.5 mm mini-jack. If your TV doesn’t show such tags, you should look for ‘Optical Digital Output’ or ‘HDMI’ port. These are specifically for digital sounds.

Step 5: Connecting Audio Output with Audio Input

maxresdefault (1)After locating the analog, use a cable with the appropriate plugs on each end. Connect TV’s audio output and amplifier audio input. You can also label each end if it is difficult to understand them. Take small chits and stick them around the cords. This process can help you in the future, reducing confusion between different connections.

Step 6: Turning on the Receiver 

Once you complete the adjustment process, plug in all the wires and cables. Turn on the amplifier or stereo receiver, along with the TV. Keep your volume low before testing the speakers. Check your television’s volume settings and select a correct input of the receiver.

Also, it is difficult to analyze the performance of each speaker when all of them are working at the same time. So if you want to test individual speakers, you should unplug everything and check them one after the other. You can also find their unique features during this process. Repeat the procedure and test each device along with the connecting wires. Avoid loose connections for better performance.

This is how you can complete the process of hooking up your speakers to TV using a speaker wire. If you still don’t find any improvement, please read further.

What If the Speakers Don’t Make Sound?

  • First, check your power supply. If there is no power supply, then check all the connections and switches. If the A/B switch is not active, then no sound can go through to the speaker system. Make sure it is on.
  • If there is no issue with the connection, check out your TV menu. There is a possibility that your TV doesn’t allow both internal as well as external speakers at the same time. If so, then you may have to turn off the internal speakers and turn on the audio output of television.
  • Also, don’t forget to check the audio system. It might be on the silent/mute mode or it is probably just paused. Generally, when your TV sound is low or off, the stereo system mutes itself. So, before finding what is broken, check both devices and un-mute them. 
  • If you think nothing is working, restart the entire system and all the connections around it. If your surround sound speakers support Bluetooth, then disable all other Bluetooth devices for some time. After that, try connecting the speakers one more time.
  • If nothing works, you might have to contact a professional.


This article is written to give you a step-by-step guide on how to connect the speaker to TV with speaker wire and what you can do when the speakers don’t make any sound, even after following all the steps correctly. We hope you have found all the needed information from here. Keep trying and enjoy.

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