Best Solder For Speaker Wire – Top 5 Picks Of 2021

Best Solder For Speaker Wire

Solder is extensively used in electronics and mechanical purposes. It is basically a metal alloy that works to bond metal workpieces together. This is why it is also used in jewelry making, glass work, and wire repairs. 

If your speaker isn’t working because the wires are detached, you can use solder to take care of it. You don’t need to rush to buy new speakers and waste your money. All you need is some solder wire and you will engage yourself in a fun DIY project. In the end, you will have repaired speakers that work flawless. 

How Does Soldering Work?

You can solder copper, gold, silver, iron, and brass. The solder is melted over these metals to create a bond, which then solidifies and makes it permanent. While this process works perfectly for wires, it does not replace welding. This is because the bond is not as strong. When it comes to speaker wires, you don’t need a very strong bond, which is why this works seamlessly. 

Best Solder For Speaker Wire

Let’s quickly go through some of the best options for solder available online today. These have been picked by our experts after thorough research and tests.

1. MAIYUM63-37 Solder Wire for Electric Soldering

MAIYUM63-37 Solder Wire for Electric SolderingThis 0.8mm solder wire is made out of tin-lead alloy with a very high quality rosin core. It consists of 63% tin and 37% lead, and comes with the following features:

  • Its flux content is 1.8%.
  • It has a low melting point (183 degrees C), which makes it very easy to use. It flows quite smoothly and solders fast.
  • It has a strong soldering point.
  • You can use it for a variety of purposes such as cable repair, circuit boards, home improvement, DIY, etc.
  • The manufacturers offer a 30-day full refund guarantee in case you are unhappy with the product.
  • Low melting temperature
  • Thin wire perfect for wires and boards
  • Smooth soldering
  • May be too thin for a few applications

2. HGMZZQ 60/40 Solder For Speaker Wire

HGMZZQ 60/40 Solder For Speaker WireThe HGMZZQ solder wire is made of 60% tin and 40% lead. Its thickness is 0.6mm, making it the ideal choice for speaker wire soldering. Below are a few more details:

  • The flux content is 2.2%.
  • Its melting point is 183 degrees C, making it easy to be soldered.
  • It solders fast and smooth, without any hassles.
  • It melts evenly and does not give out too much smoke.
  • The solder joints are long-lasting and strong.
  • You can use this solder wire for headsets, stereo, toys, circuit boards, and household appliances.
  • Melts well
  • Less smoke
  • Wicks well
  • There is slag build-up due to which it needs regular cleaning

3. YI LIN 60/40 Solder For Speaker Wire

YI LIN 60/40 Solder For Speaker WireThe YI LIN Solder Wire is not just our recommendation – it also gets the green flag from Amazon itself. This Amazon’s Choice product is made of tin and lead in the ratio 60:40. Here are some more features that you should be aware of:

  • Its diameter is 0.8mm and its flux content is 1.8%.
  • The solder wire promises fast melting and easy welding. 
  • The welding point will be strong and durable.
  • It also leaves less residue and gives out considerably less smoke.
  • Whether it is for DIY projects, cable repairs, or home improvement, this solder wire is a handy choice.
  • Low melting point
  • Good flow
  • Easy to use
  • Nothing

4. Lhcsi 63/37 Solder Wire For Speaker Wire

Lhcsi 63/37 Solder Wire For Speaker WireThe Lhcsi Solder Wire has a strong rosin core and has been designed for electrical soldering. You can use it for other applications as well, but it is perfect for this purpose. Let’s take a closer look at what this Amazon’s Choice product offers:

  • The tin and lead parameters (63/37) are suitable for speaker wire soldering.
  • The flux content is 1.8% while the diameter of the wire is 0.8mm.
  • It provides stable welding with little to no scum so that you don’t have to keep cleaning the tip during the process.
  • It welds fast and clean, giving a bright liquid.
  • It has wide applications including mobile phones, earphones, audio, circuit board maintenance, etc.
  • No toxic smell
  • Less smoke
  • Flows well
  • Good melting point
  • Nothing

5. AUSTOR Lead Free Solder For Speaker Wire

AUSTOR Lead Free Solder For Speaker WireOur last recommendation is for those who are looking at alternatives without lead. This solder wire is free of lead and consists of other strong metals instead. Below are a few more details:

  • The solder wire is made out of tin, silver, and copper (99%, 0.3%, and 0.7%). 
  • Its flux content is 2%.
  • The lead-free alloy is safe to use and doesn’t give out any toxic smell.
  • Its melting point is slightly higher than the others at 215-220 degrees C.
  • It runs smoothly and doesn’t leave scum on the tip.
  • Lead-free
  • Cost effective
  • No clumping
  • High melting point


In this article, we tried to cover some of the best options keeping in mind different requirements. We hope you find the best solder for your speaker wire from this list. If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to write to us. We will be happy to get back to you with the answers.

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