Best Banana Plugs for Speaker Wire: Top Reviews by Experts

Best Banana Plugs

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Sewell SW-29863-12

Sewell SW-29863-12

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Monoprice 109436

Monoprice 109436

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The banana plugs are the useful things to make a connection between the audio speakers and the amplifiers. For the users who have a stereo system or for those who want to tinker with the electronics stuff, it is a beneficial thing to know about the speaker banana plugs. They are called so because they have slightly curved shapes like bananas. Today, I am going to provide a list of the best banana plugs which are reviewed and recommended by the experts in the field.

Types and Working of Banana Plugs

There are different types of banana plugs like deadbolt, dual, strike, diamondback, ocelot, and some others. Though they have different designs, they work in the same manner. You just need to unscrew the back of it, insert the connecting wire in it, and then re-tight the screw in its position.

Best Banana Plugs

1. Sewell Direct SW-29863-12 Deadbolt Banana Plugs

Sewell Direct SW-29863-12

From one of the oldest and reliable banana plugs manufacturers, Sewell Direct, you will get 12 pairs of deadbolt banana plugs. Due to its fast lock technology, you can have the perfect connection in less than 30 seconds.

Specifications and features of SW-29863-12 Deadbolt Plugs from Sewell Direct:

  • It has 24-carat gold plating on the crimping teeth and the connector to ensure the best connection
  • This plug has extended durability thanks to the pure copper and heavy duty brass casing
  • You can use 10 WG or 8 AWG wire sizes to connect with this plug
  • It provides maximum signal transfer because of its wider tip base
  • The self-crimping teeth of the plug help to get a reliable connection
  • 1.6 inches low profile allows you to keep the smallest distance between the wall and device
  • 12 pairs are more than enough to make connections across your multiple devices

2. Monoprice 109436 Speaker Banana Plugs

Monoprice 109436

The other top brand, Monoprice manufactured these speaker banana plugs to make the audio installation easy and quick at your home/shop/office. Not only the quick fix, but it also provides a shielded wire covering to eliminate the risks of shorting and signal loss.

Features and specifications of Monoprice 109436 Speaker:

  • You can use 12 AWG to 18 AWG wire sizes with this plug
  • It will help you to maintain the polarity with the help of the black-red color coding on the back rings
  • 24-carat gold plating ensures reliable and faster connection
  • A total of 10 plugs (5 pairs) will help you connect multiple speakers and amplifiers
  • It is constructed of a brass material to provide durability
  • You can also use bare wire or spades to make the connection with these speaker banana plugs

3. Mediabridge SPC-BP2-12 Corrosion-Resistant Banana Plugs

Mediabridge SPC-BP2-12

These corrosion-resistant banana plugs from Mediabridge are designed to provide top-class signal frequency on your audio device. You will get a total of 24 (12 pairs) banana plugs to make connections between the speakers & amplifiers.

Specifications and features of SPC-BP2-12 Mediabridge Plugs:

  • The 24K gold-plated connectors ensure the best quality signal connections in your audio components
  • You can use 8 AWG to 18 AWG sized wires which means these banana plugs are compatible with a wide range of speaker wire sizes
  • They can also be used with spades, bare wires, or even with the other banana plugs
  • You will get a quick installation guide too which will help to make the step-by-step connection between the speaker and amplifier
  • The color-coded heavy duty plugs help you to maintain the proper polarity
  • The plug and play functionality of these plugs replaces the annoying task of soldering and crimping bare wire
  • The banana plug from Mediabridge has wider base due to which you will get the best signal transfer
  • You will have a safe termination and reuse of these banana plugs because they have two-piece screw-on designs

4. Sewell Direct SW-29863-6 Deadbolt Banana Plugs

Sewell Direct SW-29863-6 Deadbolt

You will get six pairs (12 numbers) of banana plugs from Sewell Direct. These plugs use the self-crimping teeth instead of screws to hold the wires.

Features and Specifications of SW-29863-6 Sewell Direct Deadbolt:

  • The 24 carats gold plated connectors and crimping tip assure the best signal connection
  • These plugs have maximum durability because of the pure copper material and brass casing
  • The wider base eliminates the risk of shorting and provides the faster signal transfer
  • Fast lock technology from Sewell Direct offers a secure connection through self-crimping technique
  • The plugs are durable and will provide a maximum signal transfer between the audio components

5. Cable Matters Audio Banana Plugs for Speaker Wire

Cable Matters Audio Banana Plugs

From Cable Matters, these are the specially designed closed screw banana plugs for holding your audio wires. They provide spotless signal frequencies between the speaker and the amplifier.

Specifications and Features of Cable Matters Audio Plugs:

  • These premium plugs can hold 12 AWG, 14 AWG, 16 AWG, and 18 AWG sizes of audio wires
  • The metallic housing offers 360-degree use with an easy grip
  • You can make connections of up to seven speakers with these affordable 7 pairs (total 14) banana plugs
  • The screw-on base with removable tip makes the task of removing and inserting the plugs easy & quick
  • These plugs are 24K gold plated, corrosion resistant, and distortion-free
  • You will get a lifetime warranty for these audio banana plugs from the company

6.  Monoprice Dual Speaker Banana Plugs

Monoprice Dual Speaker Banana Plugs

If you are looking for the dual banana connector plugs, then go for this 24K gold plated plugs from Monoprice. They provide affordable, reliable, and faster signal transfer mediums between your speaker and amplifier.

Features and Specifications of Monoprice Dual Banana Plugs:

  • You can use a range from 12 AWG to 18 AWG audio wire sizes
  • To help to conserve the polarity, the rings are coded with black & red colors
  • The 24 carets gold plating with heavy duty brass material ensure a corrosion-resistant and most perfect signal connection
  • A black colored plastic coupling helps to stick the plugs together
  • You can also use spades, bare wires, or other banana plugs with them
  • Ideal for the audio components which use traditional binding posts

7. Cmple Dual Speaker Banana Plugs

Cmple Dual Speaker Banana Plugs

I love these dual banana plugs mostly because of the red colored yoke on them. Cmple designed these special dual plugs for holding two binding posts at the same time.

Specifications and Features of Cmple Dual Banana Plugs:

  • They can hold 12 AWG to 24 AWG audio cables
  • To maintain the proper polarity, these plugs are coded with red and black colors
  • They are 24 carats gold plated which means you will get the best signal transfer and eliminate corrosion
  • Due to the dual designs to hold two posts, they will create a desired pressure on the wire for maximum output
  • Small-scale dimensions help you to keep the audio component closer to the wall
  • The side cable entry makes it easy to hold the wires from the side panel

8. AmazonBasics Banana Plugs

AmazonBasics Banana Plugs

In this package, you will get a total of 24 banana plugs (12 pairs) from AmazonBasics. All the plugs are self-crimped to make the installation easier for you. By using these connectors, you will eliminate the issues of frayed or loose wires. You can also choose a package of six pairs of banana plugs.

Features and specifications of the High-Quality Banana Plugs from AmazonBasics are:

  • They come with 24K gold plating to provide a smoother connection between devices.
  • As every plug that comes in this package has a female connection at the bottom, you can connect multiple audio speakers from a single output.
  • The black and red rings on the plugs will help you to identify the color-coded audio cords easily.
  • It is compatible with the 12 AWG to 18 AWG audio wires.
  • You will get a 1-year limited warranty from AmazonBasics.


Comparison of Banana Plugs

 Sewell Direct Deadbolt
Monoprice Gold Plated
Mediabridge Corrosion-Resistant
Cable Matters Crimp & Twist Closed
24k Gold Plating
24K gold plated brass
24K gold-plating
24K gold-plated
Corrosion resistant
speaker wire
8 AWG12 to 18 AWG
8-18 AWG
12, 14, 16 or 18 AWG
bare speaker wire
bare wire or spades
bare wire, spades
bare speaker wire

Things to Consider While Buying Banana Plugs

Before I start the list, I want to mention some important stuff when you are going to buy the banana plugs for your electronics equipment.

  1. Check for the gold plating. If the plug has 24-carat gold pmlating on it, then it will provide the best audio fidelity.
  2. Match the plug’s specification with the type of wire you are using in your system. Different plugs have different ranges of holding wire gauges.
  3. The plug should have non-collapsing tip which means it will remain in its shape even after you remove and insert it again and again.
  4. The banana plug should have the correct low profile to get inserted in the back of your amplifier/speaker.
  5. Go for the banana plugs which have wider tips. It will help to get a better signal transfer.

Choosing the Best Banana Plugs

After checking the features and specifications of all banana plugs, I recommend using Sewell Direct SW-29863-12 plugs due to their affordable price, providing many plugs for multiple connections, reliable connection, and slim design for easy and comfortable installation. They got everything at right while tested under various conditions. Also, the other brands like Monoprice, Mediabridge, and Cable Matters are also provided competitive audio banana plugs for the speakers and amplifiers.

Which is your favorite banana plug? Are you using some other type/brand of a banana plug that is not listed here? Mention your preferred connector in the below comment section.